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updated python libraries

updated flask

updated the service name

updated the service name

Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/master'

updated the service name

changed the directory to upgraded

updated superset version 2 folder

updated superset version 2 folder

Added version 2 folder

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revert docker version

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upgraded apache superset version

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arranged migration scripts

Fixed migration bug

Fixed migration bug

separated non null keys table from value keys on equipment sink connector

Added equipment migration tables

Added equipment module related tables

TZUP-344, add case when config vol doesn't exist

TZUP-344, allow reporting to deploy all services

TZUP-344, migrate to compose V2 for reporting

TZUP-344, fix yaml on variable

TZUP-344, add a KEEP_OR_WIPE option for CD

TZUP-343, add kafka-ops to control topics

The advantage to this is that we have finer control over topic

creation, such as setting compression types, and by not relying on auto

creation we don't have connect sinks looking for missing topics when the

source table is empty.

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Revert "TZUP-343, temp ignore requisition sink"

This reverts commit 9ed9b1510a84b837929db3a2894195121174ca1b.

Revert "TZUP-343, temp disable the requisition source"

This reverts commit 4bc787390270dcd2cbde8e0920e7caa91286dd99.

TZUP-343, temp ignore requisition sink

TZUP-343, temp disable the requisition source

With it enabled it's hard to see why some reference data topics aren't

being created.

TZUP-343, ligten compression and remove retention

Using the previous settings, the processing was probably taking just

over 48 hours, and so we were losing records before they could be used.

Space wise zstd was great, however it also slowed things down. Using

these settings is an attempt to balance higher (though less than zstd)

compression to req line items and, and lowest to ref data.

TZUP-343, bump to zstd compression

Good compression with less cpu overhead.