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OLMIS-7574: Fixed wrong stock card calculations by adding unnaccounted qty validation

Merge pull request #10 from OpenLMIS/feature/OLMIS-7579

OLMIS-7579: fixed issue with moving into next screen when current stock = 0

OLMIS-7579: updated CHANGELOG with new bug fixes regarding mobile app

OLMIS-7579: fixed issue with moving into next screen when current stock = 0

OLMIS-7373 Add filtering by product code, name and lot code on Stock on Hand page

Bumped version to 2.1.3-SNAPSHOT

Released stockmanagement-ui 2.1.2

Merge branch 'master' of

OLMIS-7558: Change inactive items validation error message

Released stockmanagement-ui 2.1.2-RC2

OLMIS-7558: Fix inactive lots validation on Physical Inventory page

OLMIS-7560: Update changelog

OLMIS-7560: Don't activate already deactivated products after adding new item to inventory draft

Revert changed in OLMIS-7464 grunt version

OLMIS-7464: Fix hiding Actions column in Physical Inventory screen

OLMIS-7464: Don't display deactivate button for newly added product to physical inventory

Revert "Released stockmanagement-ui 2.1.2-RC1"

This reverts commit 3067f22a646e24f574ce0497028f0fa9ec808375.

Released stockmanagement-ui 2.1.2-RC1

OLMIS-7527 Ensure products added in physical inventory are active

OLMIS-7458: Changed message

OLMIS-7458: Add new lots in receive and physical inventory screens

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OLMIS-7463 Change include inactive filter on stock on hand to checkbox

OLMIS-7467: Move React base fields components to ui-components

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OLMIS-7471: Change terminology in button and messages from HIDE to DEACTIVATE

OLMIS-7463 Replace active/inactive filter with checkbox on physical inventory page

OLMIS-7433 Add missing unit test coverage

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OLMIS-7433 Fix formantting for physical-inventory-draft.controller.js

OLMIS-7433 Fix physical-inventory-draft.html column view

OLMIS-7387 Fix obtaining all assignments from source-destination service

OLMIS-7433 Fix pagination on stock summary list page