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OLMIS-6537 Update reporting documentation
OLMIS-6537 Update reporting documentation
changed notification service version to 4.1.2-SNAPSHOT
changed notification service version to 4.1.2-SNAPSHOT
OLMIS-6504: Switched to the latest version of superset-patchup

OLMIS-6478: Added SUPERSET_URL to sample settings

OLMIS-6478: Add waiting for db on superset init

OLMIS-6478: Increased wait time

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OLMIS-6478: Waiting for consul to be available

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Revert "OLMIS-6478: Disable restarting flows step"

This reverts commit e1bcb832cbc6dd217a8db4fbc88bdb4738ae5240.

OLMIS-6478: Disable restarting flows step

OLMIS-6478: cURL will display request body

OLMIS-6478: Removed debug flag

OLMIS-6478: Move debug flag to container definition

OLMIS-6478: Enable debug flag in nifi preload script

OLMIS-6478: Removed unused env variables

OLMIS-6478: Removed unused properties in superset init script

OLMIS-6478: Restored missing env variable

OLMIS-6478: Added info about why SUPERSET_ADMIN_XXX variables are ignored

OLMIS-6478: Removed empty line

OLMIS-6478: Removed unnecessary steps in superset dockerfile

OLMIS-6478: Use official version of superset-patchup repository

OLMIS-6478: Update README

OLMIS-6478: Fixed typo

OLMIS-6458: Update flow versions

OLMIS-6478: Moved hard-coded reporting stack settings to file

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Merge pull request #86 from pgarrison/master

Add tip to docker logging docs

Fix typo in docker logging instructions