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Add fix for Postgres WAL disk space issue

See for details. Also update Confluent versions to match Debezium version (1.5).

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added rejection_reason_categories table configs

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adding requisition rejection reason tables

OLMIS-6858 Add heartbeat setting to Postgres connector

So that Kafka is notified and changes are flushed, allowing Postgres to update the WAL's LSN. This will help to avoid storage issues.

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OLMIS-6858 Get materialized views to work with new Kafka tables

The new tables in the reporting database are being populated by the streaming architecture, now the materialized views should use them.

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OLMIS-6858 Add requisition tables to data pump

Also, define two replication slots, one for reference data and one for requisition. This isn't technically necessary for the current architecture, but it creates a logical separation for the services.

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