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Update integration.md

Update integration.md

TZUP-187, fix toc for gitlab

TZUP-187, add integration doc for use-cases + diag

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test plantuml for posting to wiki + docs

Merge branch 'TZUP-185' into 'master'

add common to the tz distro

See merge request openlmis/tz-distro!1

add common to the tz distro

Replace Reference UI with Tanzania UI Include budget and equipment services

add link to the OSD

Temporarily disable registration of Debezium connectors

Until we figure out why connectors aren't allowing Postgres WAL to clear, causing the database to run out of storage.

OLMIS-6885: Added possibility to set superset oauth client details values

OLMIS-6879: Added requirements.txt file

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OLMIS-6885: Added setting SUPERSET_URL value in olmis env file

COV-119: Added missing value to the init-env script and made some script improvements

COV-119: Added a script initiating env file for reporting

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COV-118: Updated the settings-sample and README to help with initial reporting stack configuration

COV-118: Removed usage of the NiFi Registry

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OLMIS-6858 Remove unnecessary files

Remove jolt spec files and Nifi XML templates, as they are no longer used in Nifi.

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OLMIS-6858 Add heartbeat setting to Postgres connector

So that Kafka is notified and changes are flushed, allowing Postgres to update the WAL's LSN. This will help to avoid storage issues.

OLMIS-6858 Clean up unused Nifi flows

Also, consolidate logging to syslog.

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OLMIS-6858 Add cron container to reporting stack

To be able to refresh materialized views with a cronjob. Configured for every 15 minutes.

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COV-75 - Moving covid-reporting to covid repository

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Merge branch 'OLMIS-6858-data-pump-reporting'

Revert "COV-77 Temporarily print fhir id"

This reverts commit 81c2b87679547c708a692dc1a50c3136f0ab1620.

COV-77 Temporarily print fhir id

Check Superset health check URL

From login to health, which appears to be what was intended.

Add superset patchup version to env file

So that it is set.

OLMIS-6858 Update sample settings and remove local network

Local network settings should only be on the local docker-compose. Add new settings in the sample.

COV-77 Created table with details about generate measure nifi flow executions and updated flow identifiers

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Added v3.9 performance graph.

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