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updated python libraries

updated flask

updated the service name

updated the service name

Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/master'

updated the service name

changed the directory to upgraded

updated superset version 2 folder

updated superset version 2 folder

Added version 2 folder

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revert docker version

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upgraded apache superset version

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arranged migration scripts

Fixed migration bug

Fixed migration bug

separated non null keys table from value keys on equipment sink connector

Added equipment migration tables

Added equipment module related tables

TZUP-345, reorient toward dimensional model

still a mess as we have the older structure in here as well, that doesn't work,

for comparison

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TZUP-345, name the db volume

This helps prevent the volume from being orphaned in a docker compose


TZUP-345, add index on country for better plan

Otherwise the query planner is off many orders of magnitude.

TZUP-345, remove unneeded chain call

TZUP-345, re-order for clean sequence for postgres

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TZUP-345, move into postgres' order

TZUP-345, format for postgres container sql

TZUP-345, move views to ordered schema changes

These are picked up by the postgres container based on the dictionary


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TZUP-345, update superset+dashboards from olmis

From openlmis-ref-distro v3.15

TZUP-345, add index on status changes view

TZUP-345, remove redundant select

This select in a join is redundant as the ON statement already was

selecting a unique set with id and version number.

TZUP-345, factor 3 level geo into seperate view