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COVSUP-159: Release version 1.0.0

COV-53: Add int test for update orderable

* Add test for persisting failure of creating orderable

COV-53: Add int test for creating product in olmis

COV-53: Clean imports at OrderableIntegrationSendTaskTest

COV-53: Remove unused program id from integration dto

COV-53: Add base time for Orderable Integration Send Task Test

COV-53 - added test to pcmt authorization

COV-53 - add exception

COV-53: Replaced cron expression with one supported on UI

COV-53: Added tests for send task sequence

COV-22 - add exception to service

COV-53: Used RestOperation to enhance testability

* Unified rest template usage (added as bean)

COV-29: Updated PcmtLongBuilder to properly build long using decimal and grouping separator

COV-24 - fix bad UUID in role

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COV-46 - move databuilders to testbuilder package

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COV-29: Added integration executors tests

COV-29: Fixed issue with remote token service

* Enabled int tests

* Removed unused required from manual integration schema

COV-51 - delete useless test

COV-51 - fix checkstyle

COV-51 added sample tests

COV-51 update of gradle setting

COV-51 - change of client used to connect PCMT.

Revert "COV-51 - change of client used to connect PCMT"

This reverts commit 57725ea87ff87eaa286bec25cd5902455c93747c.

COV-51 - change of client used to connect PCMT

COV-51 - Added class to configure SSL in Unirest

Revert "COV-51 - Added class to configure SSL in Unirest"

This reverts commit 25296066cb74771114a9e49aecff4ea25d20977f.

COV-51 - Added class to configure SSL in Unirest

COV-41: Set BASE_UOM value as dispensingUnit in the OrderableDto

OLMIS-41: Added mapping for roundToZero and packRoundingThreshold

COV-46 - adedd mocked application.properties and fixed few integration test

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