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OLMIS-4706: Design API for retrieving Stock out Days

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OLMIS-4598: added unit tests for error handler

OLMIS-4597: Added tags to demo data

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OLMIS-4597: Move endpoint path to class definition

OLMIS-4597: Add endpoint to retrieve all reason tags

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OLMIS-4598 FEOLMIS-2872: Fixed error message

OLMIS-4598 FEOLMIS-2872: Added missed message, removed unnecessary method and other fixed after review

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OLMIS-4598: Added tag list to the StockCardLineItemReason

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OLMIS-4599: Added missing test to verify 404 response for get reason endpoint

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OLMIS-4599: Added tests

OLMIS-4599: Added missing license header

OLMIS-4599: Added profiler to endpoints

OLMIS-4599: Added perftests for stockCardLineItemReason endpoints

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OLMIS-4599: Convert StockCardLineItemReasonControllerIT to use RestAssured

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OLMIS-4599: Add dto for StockCardLineItemReason

OLMIS-4599: Add ability to retrieve a stock card reason by id

OLMIS-4599: use repository to find reasons instead of service

The StockCardLineItemReasonService.findReasons only executes method from

the related repository. This method is unnecessary.

Bump version to 3.0.1-SNAPSHOT

3.0.0 release

Bump version back to SNAPSHOT

Release 3.0.0-RC1

OLMIS-3708: Introduced API Console

OLMIS-4407: fix link to Bin Card in Stockout Notification email

OLMIS-4496, fix send stock event perf test

The test had stopped working as the return type of a facilities full supply products had evolved to being paged, and this test hadn't yet caught up.

OLMIS-4384: changed supervisory node service to reflect refactored endpoint

OLMIS-3513: Move encodeQueryParam from RequestParameters to RequestHelper

OLMIS-4335: Fixed sonar issues

OLMIS-4281: update changelog

OLMIS-4335: Added missing javadoc

OLMIS-4335: Made Merger class more OOP