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OLMIS-2663: added vvm status field on adjustment/issue screen

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added version tags to dependent images in docker compose file

OLMIS-2669: add valid-reason service, add save assignments after reason

add tests

OLMIS-2669: add view and basic logic for making valid reasons assignment

OLMIS-2654: small bug fixes

OLMIS-2654: added tests for vvm status constant

OLMIS-2654: fixed getDrafts call in routes

OLMIS-2654: exctracted vvm status from extradata

OLMIS-2654: added missing dot

OLMIS-2654: refactored and added some tests

OLMIS-2654: added vvm status column to physical inventory table

restored ports property to docker-compose file

also changed version of dev-ui from latest to 3

OLMIS-2444: made "Add New Reason" message title case

OLMIS-2444: make add new reason button primary

Revert "OLMIS-2444: add "add" class to button on reason form modal"

This reverts commit f56ee3949da27ec0a4b5e3ad3aa525ee080bd43d.

OLMIS-2444: add "add" class to button on reason form modal

OLMIS-2444: added plus icon to add buttons

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OLMIS-2444: added plus icon to add button on adjustment screen

OLMIS-2556 fix display issue after search

bump version back to 1.0.0-snapshot

fix bug in released version

bug of OLMIS-2513 add lot message to physical inventory draft page as well

update the working on version to 1.0.0-SNAPSHOT

After the beta of 1.0.0, we'd be working on 1.0.0.

upgrade version

update version

[stock management] use flyway to init data

update tests of card summaries service

OLMIS-2569 rename API and remove unused dependency

[performance] make http request page size 100

Merge pull request #2 from OpenLMIS/OLMIS-2569

OLMIS-2569 add api to get physical inventory draft