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OLMIS-2775: Work in Progress

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OLMIS-2775: Work in Progress

OLMIS-2741: Added missing label

OLMIS-2710: Display vvm status field only if vvm usage defined for orderable

OLMIS-2639: typo in scss

OLMIS-2639: show validation for reason

OLMIS-2729: use only supported programs in program-util service

OLMIS-2731: renamed header for vvm status

Updated images to latest SNAPSHOT

Fixed wrong service in README

Updated dev-ui image

OLMIS-2669: fix submit adjustments

OLMIS-2567: Reworked stock-card-summaries to use openlmis-facility-program-select

OLMIS-2669: remove redundant variables in tests

OLMIS-2669: fix indent

OLMIS-2669: make adjustment and transter creation view use valid reasons

OLMIS-2669: add search endpoint for valid reasons

OLMIS-2663: fixed VVM status constant tests

OLMIS-2663: moved vvm status messages to new module

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OLMIS-2669: change message for adminReasonFormModal.allowFreeTextEntry

OLMIS-2669: rename valid reason module

OLMIS-2669: remove redundant type button from reason-form modal

OLMIS-2669: remove empty line in valid reason service

OLMIS-2669: verify outstanding requests after valid reason service test

OLMIS-2663: added vvm status field on adjustment/issue screen

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added version tags to dependent images in docker compose file

OLMIS-2669: add valid-reason service, add save assignments after reason

add tests

OLMIS-2669: add view and basic logic for making valid reasons assignment

OLMIS-2654: small bug fixes

OLMIS-2654: added tests for vvm status constant