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OLMIS-3183: move service and factory to new module

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OLMIS-3183: Rename module stock-physical-inventory

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OLMIS-3183: remove id suffix in param names

OLMIS-3183: redo behavior of print after submit

OLMIS-3183: fix unit tests and add more

OLMIS-3183: improvements and unit tests, draft always can be removed

Revert "OLMIS-3818: draft always canbe removed"

This reverts commit 76a20390ac7dbf3db3531081a43d4728b8d7ee38.

Revert "OLMIS-3818: improvements and unit tests"

This reverts commit a544d97deb569a9a582224f1407783d1faa9b939.

OLMIS-3818: improvements and unit tests

OLMIS-3818: draft always canbe removed

OLMIS-3183: adjust ui to backend changes

updated ui-componenets version

OLMIS-2732: refactor to match backend changes

OLMIS-2732: update button label

OLMIS-2732: update url and add message and tests

OLMIS-2732: print PI when submit

Bumped version to 1.0.1-SNAPSHOT

1.0.0 release

OLMIS-2898: removed time part from occured dates selected on the UI

OLMIS-3079: add unit tests for stock card controller

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    • +131
OLMIS-3042: Test to make stock-reasons an input-control

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    • +36
OLMIS-3042: Unaccounted error message now has quantity

OLMIS-3042: Responded to review

OLMIS-3079: onInit assigned to $onInit controller property

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OLMIS-3079: show PI items in reverse

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OLMIS-3079: each stock adjustment is line item im view bin card table

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OLMIS-3042: Updated stock reasons to use input-control and be more DRY

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OLMIS-2694: improvements to error handling

OLMIS-2694: use constant for reasons

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OLMIS-2711: added missing translation call for message