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OLMIS-7383 Update changelog

OLMIS-7412: Make add buttons more consistent

OLMIS-7412: Fix issue with autofocus when adding new programs

OLMIS-7412: Fix program and lot formatting

OLMIS-7412: Add possibility to create draft offline

OLMIS-7412 Replace $light-shadow with $shadow in confirmation dialog box-shadow

OLMIS-7412 Ensure lineItems have isAdded = true when updating physical inventory draft

OLMIS-7412: Fix unaccounted qty calculation for multiple reasons

Revert "OLMIS-7373: Added search functionality in SOH page"

This reverts commit d8aa8fc7679e753388262d543346c6b4e1cbece0.

Revert "OLMIS-7373: Added tests"

OLMIS-7381: Add missing changelog

OLMIS-7315: Fix navigation on mobile

OLMIS-7381: Remove unused components and fix some eslint issues

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OLMIS-7381: Save draft on previous and remove unused component

OLMIS-7381: Refactor form buttons and add inputmode numeric to inputs

OLMIS-7382: Fix add product page

OLMIS-7381: Fix reason select

OLMIS-7379 Sonar fixes

OLMIS-7379 Sonar fixes

OLMIS-7379 Add viewport via react

OLMIS-7382 Add validation for form

Fix eslint issues

OLMIS-7381: Redirect to main page when form submitted

OLMIS-7381: Add adjustment reasons

OLMIS-7381: Add physical inventory form

OLMIS-7381 Draft can be stored in redux

OLMIS-7381: Add base form fields

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OLMIS-7382: Use one angularjs directive to render all react components

OLMIS-7384 Hide OS keyboard on date input in adjustment creation

OLMIS-7384 Replace options dropdown with delete draft button