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OLMIS-7164: Disabled success notification after send issue/receive/adjustment in offline mode

OLMIS-7164: Add ability to save Adjustments/Receive/Issue in local storage

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OLMIS-7176: Use lotService instead of LotResource to fetch lots

OLMIS-7176: Adjustment, Receive and Issue page should be available in offline mode

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OLMIS-7165: Fixed issue with login when user has no home facility

OLMIS-7165: Added tests for checking user permission when getting stock cards on login

OLMIS-7165: Added check if user has permission to get stock cards

OLMIS-7165: Remove Stock Card Summary records from local database on login

OLMIS-7165: Use ReasonDataBuilder in test

OLMIS-7165: Added changelog

OLMIS-7165: Added tests for getting stock card summaries on login

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OLMIS-7165: Fixed broken tests for stock card summaries

OLMIS-7165: Cache stockCardSummaries

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OLMIS-7165: Added tests for sourceDestinatioNService

OLMIS-7165: Added tests for caching valid reasons, sources and destinations on login

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OLMIS-7165: Reverted getReasons function to the previous form

OLMIS-7165: Cache valid sources, destinations and reasons on login

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OLMIS-6983: Sonar analysis and build reference ui runs only for snapshots

Bumped version to 2.0.9-SNAPSHOT

Release 2.0.8

Revert "Released stockmanagement-ui 2.0.8-RC3"

This reverts commit 956661640bf3b89fc0200be15a8437b3a4aea120.

Released stockmanagement-ui 2.0.8-RC3

OLMIS-6984: Fixed saving Physical Inventory to local storage in online mode

Revert "Released stockmanagement-ui 2.0.8-RC2"

This reverts commit 08a99ca1ce39d4fd7bf3ee8650cdf60180d279fb.

Released stockmanagement-ui 2.0.8-RC2

OLMIS-6953: Cached VVM status, caching draft extracted into a separated function

OLMIS-6953: Removed physical-inventory-draft-watcher, passed a flag to the saving-indicator instead of an object

OLMIS-6953: Improved performance of adding products to a Physical Inventory

Revert "Released stockmanagement-ui 2.0.8-RC1"

This reverts commit 4bdd6ee339b40fe96ebcee15a6d4ea44e1f70e33.

Released stockmanagement-ui 2.0.8-RC1