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OLMIS-7360 Add valid reasons reducer

OLMIS-7361 JSX sonar syntax fix

OLMIS-7361 Remove className from OptionsDropdown list item

OLMIS-7358 Downgrade redux-react to 7.2.2

OLMIS-7382 Add product page review changes without redux

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OLMIS-7361 Add lots reducer

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OLMIS-7361 Add lots reducer

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OLMIS-7358 Add redux with example reducer

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OLMIS-7383 Fix quality gate bugs

OLMIS-7383 Fix quality gate bugs

OLMIS-7383 Add delete physical inventory draft for mobile

OLMIS-7384 Add box shadow to confirmation dialog

OLMIS-7384 Adjust class names for confirmation dialog content

OLMIS-7384 Center confirmation dialog for non-mobile devices

OLMIS-7384 Styling for mobile confirmation dialog

OLMIS-7384 Styling for mobile confirmation dialog

OLMIS-7382 Add page fix formatting

OLMIS-7382 Add

OLMIS-7382 Add page for products addition please for early review

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OLMIS-7384: Added confirmation dialog for mobile

OLMIS-7379 Make physical inventory button is no longer submit button

OLMIS-7379 Code style adjustments

OLMIS-7379 Physical inventory choose program page does not use form

OLMIS-7379 Update changelog

OLMIS-7379 Remove font size styling for mobile app

OLMIS-7379 Add SelectAdapter

OLMIS-7380: Add main layout component for mobile physical inventory

OLMIS-7379: Fix issues with React router

OLMIS-7397: Remove not needed package-lock.json file

OLMIS-7397: Revert changes made in tests

This reverts commit cb5aef05f80737da454315a7a5ecde342e0ef1a9.

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