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MW-1147: simplify return in EditProductForm decorator in 'quantity'

MW-1147: simplify return in EditProductForm decorator

MW-1147: added missing semicolon in EditProductPage decorator

MW-1147: fixes after code review, fix delete lot in 'editProductForm' decorator

MW-1147: fix with trailing comma after sonar qube report

MW-1147: added EditProductPage for Adjustment in mobile app

Merge pull request #16 from OpenLMIS/MW-1147

MW-1147: Implementation of Adjustments tab - first part

MW-1147: fixes after SonarQube report

MW-1147: fixed toast.css file - 'Inconsistent indentation' issue

MW-1147: fixes after code review - part 2

MW-1137: Create test module to showcase menu creation refactor

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MW-1147: added check if quantity is bigger than 'SOH' for 'debt' reason

MW-1147: removed commented lines of code

MW-1147: additional fixes after review

MW-1147: fixed sonar - redundant trailing commas

MW-1147: fixed sonar in 'toast.component'

MW-1147: added missing license information

MW-1147: added Toast to inform about status of Adjustment, BlockList to display summary

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MW-1147: fixed routing - from submit to program selection

MW-1147: added 'submitAdjustment' mechanism in mobile app

MW-1147: mobile Adjustment - program select, 'add product' form, skeleton for 'submitAdjustment'

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Merge pull request #15 from OpenLMIS/feature/OLMIS-7582

OLMIS-7582: fixed getStockAdjustment function when there is no draft

OLMIS-7582: fixed 'if' statement after review

OLMIS-7582: added bug description into changelog

OLMIS-7582: fixed getStockAdjustment function when there is no draft

Merge pull request #14 from OpenLMIS/OLMIS-7588

OLMIS-7588: Physical Inventory validation for unaccounted quantity - mobile

Merge pull request #13 from OpenLMIS/OLMIS-7581

OLMIS-7581: modified way of sorting product in the form

Merge branch 'OLMIS-7581' of into OLMIS-7588

OLMIS-7581: improvements after code review

OLMIS-7588: updated changelog on new 'improvement'