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OLMIS-1242: Hide Packs To Ship field

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OLMIS-1265: Removed invalid setting from

OLMIS-822: Added PermissionHelper unit test

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OLMIS-1242: Add Packs to Ship calculation

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    • +34
OLMIS-1238 OLMIS-1237 Fixing dispensable field name, adding requisition column (demo data)

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    • +11
OLMIS-822: Added status checks to canUpdateRequisition method + minor fixes after review

OLMIS-976: Make processResources finalized by ramlToSwagger

Per the review comments, I'm making the processResources task

tied to the ramlToSwagger task, not the jar task.

OLMIS-1199 Adapt RequisitionService to changed endpoint

Removed incorrect entry from columns_map (demo data)

This column was assigned to non-existing requisition template.

Because of that it was impossible to load demo data correctly.

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OLMIS-1237 Adding dispensingUnit template column

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    • +11
OLMIS-1265: Configured hibernate connection

OLMIS-1206: Added checking user rights in requisition endpoints

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OLMIS-1220: change building criteria in search requisition endpoint

OLMIS-1220: change requisition search endpoint to return RequisitionDto

OLMIS-1199 Update Requisitions after RGPS refactor

The requistion service was making use of

RequisitionGroupProgramSchedules in one place to retrieve

the schedule. This place has been updated to use the new endpoint

exposed by reference data. Some tests were fixed to reflect that.

Code related to RGPS has been removed completely.

OLMIS-1138 Changing service url var name

OLMIS-1239: Add dispensing unit field to OderableProductDto

OLMIS-1239: Add dispensing unit field to OderableProductDto

OLMIS-1138 Fixing redirect on openlmis-blue

OLMIS-1220: change single requisition status parameter to list

OLMIS-1240 FEOLMIS-448 Remove BDDMockito

OLMIS-976: Swagger spec file is no longer generated under /src

* the jar gradle task now depends on the ramlToSwagger task - this is

necessary since we want the generated file to be part of the jar

* removed the generated dir and its traces

* removed redundant entries from .gitignore

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OLMIS-1138 Minor fixes

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Remove empty line between javadoc and class name

Converted Booleans to booleans

Also made the param required.

Fix indent in one place

Replaced Boolean with boolean

Null didn't make much sense here.

Make reference data retrieval exceptions errors explicit

Made the error reporting in our reference data services

mean something, currently it was a guessing game to figure

out what went wrong.

I know we will want to move away from exception based solutions,

so we can treat this as a temporary fix.

OLMIS-1138 Moving swagger to /docs/ url

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OLMIS-1207: Changes after review (FEOLMIS-459)

* Changed method name

* Updated comment

* Validated suggested period for emergency requisition