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Released requisition 8.3.3-RC1

OLMIS-7376: Requisitions in approval queue shows only for user with REQUISITION_APPROVE role

change to handle null requisiton initiator

changelog file update

merge with master

send unskipped requisition line items to initiator

added content to unskipped requisition line items email

Changed repository for jasper dependencies

merge with master

merge with master

OLMIS-7273: Improve performance of Requisition initialization

removed localizedmessage as response in api definition

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added unskip requisition line item integration test

unskipped requisition line items definition in message-properties

Bumped version to 8.3.3-SNAPSHOT

OLMIS-7276: Release 8.3.2

merge with master

added email notification for unskipped requisition line items

merge with tzup-122

corrected unskip requisition env variable

fixed exception not sending email

added unskiprequisition end point to api definition

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Revert "OLMIS-7273: Temporarily reverted 'Add hibernate batch insert properties'"

This reverts commit 239208acd39786a91bcf304e246c9cfb5a5299e8.

OLMIS-7273: Temporarily reverted 'Add hibernate batch insert properties'

adding changes to send email on unskipped items during approval

created configuration controller class

adding functionality to send email

Revert "Released requisition 8.3.2-RC2"

This reverts commit c665b4660b07437f60a60c3f14198fdbbd7525f3.

Released requisition 8.3.2-RC2

adding approver details to unskipped line items