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OLMIS-5909: Fixed issue with finding requisitions by role assignments

OLMIS-5909: Added permission role check when requisition has not set supervisoryNodeId field

OLMIS-5886 : show additional quatity required column on requsition print

OLMIS-5909: Unset supervisoryNodeId when requisition is rejected

OLMIS-5909: Added missing tests for permission service

OLMIS-5909: Fixed NPE

OLMIS-5909: Refactored Permission Service

OLMIS-5000: removed additional method from supply line service

OLMIS-5909: Made code more consistent (FEOLMIS-3616)

OLMIS-5000: fixed problem with filtering requisitions for convert by supply lines

OLMIS-5909: Fixed issue with finding partner requisitions by forApproval endpoint

OLMIS-5909: Modified the way how search endpoint works

OLMIS-5888: Fixed the display of calc order qty isa column on the requisition print

OLMIS-5000: fixed getting total number of elements in requisition service

OLMIS-5909: Renamed UserDto methods

OLMIS-5909: fixed PMD issue

OLMIS-5909: Update UserDto unit tests

OLMIS-5909: Added missing unit tests to verify user permission to approve requisition

OLMIS-5909: Removed unnecessary method from AuthenticationHelper

OLMIS-5909: Refactored PermissionService to be less complicated

OLMIS-5884: Fixed the display of maximum stock quantity column on the requisition print

OLMIS-5000 added missing profilers for build dtos

OLMIS-4373: fixed filtering in performance test that users forConvert endpoint

OLMIS-5909: Refactored search endpoint to pass object instead of list of parameters

OLMIS-5000 exchanged the old method to get permission strings to the new one

OLMIS-5909: Fixed sonar issue

OLMIS-5000: changed sorting by program name to sorting by program id

OLMIS-5000: fixed problem with passing parameters in wrong order in communication service

OLMIS-5000 returned to previous if check

OLMIS-5000: updated supply line dto to what is actually returned from referencedata