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OLMIS-4968 Make packsToShip column to be seen only on Rnr approval screen or on all Rnr screens bases on admin template configuration

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OLMIS-5395: enabled max stock quantity and calc order quantity columns

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OLMIS-4792: use the existing message filter, remove translateLabel method.

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OLMIS-4792: Make text under additional options column of requisition template translatable

Add keys to requisition constants

Introduce a new controller method to translate text

Use translated text in the template

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OLMIS-4708: added sorting tags in select

added validation for requiring tag on template configure screen

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OLMIS-4708: moved available tags out of domain object

moved filtering of unused tags to private function

moved checking if tag can be assigned to column to template column

fixed indentation in routes file

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OLMIS-4708: added tag selection on requisition template screen

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OLMIS-4087 FEOLMIS-2509: Updated state name and disable options column

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OLMIS-4087: Refactored UI to support multiple requisition templates per program

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