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OLMIS-5837: Made View Requisitions screen accessible to partner users

OLMIS-5837: Refactored requisition-search.routes.spec.js

OLMIS-4373: added tests for convert to order routes file

OLMIS-4373: changed version to new major one

added changelog entry

OLMIS-4373: change filtering on convert to order page

added facility and program selects

removed algorithm for getting twice as much requisitions

OLMIS-5976: Updated changelog

OLMIS-5976: Updated auth-ui to version 6.2.0

OLMIS-5848: Fixed a bug with facility type marked as required when creating a requisition templat

OLMIS-5514 Change requisition template columns validation

From alphanumeric to generally all UTF-8 characters.

    • -0
    • +32
OLMIS-5813: Fixed a bug with header changing when editing requisition template

OLMIS-5525: Fixed tech debt in template.spec.js file

OLMIS-5525: Fixed a bug with source not being set appropriately when un-checking stock-based flag on the requisition template page

    • -10
    • +48
OLMIS-5525: Refactored Template spec to not define any describe-scoped variables

    • -82
    • +79
OLMIS-5525: Removed RequisitionColumn.columnDependencies mocking

    • -21
    • +1
OLMIS-5525: Refactored Template spec to use data builders

    • -214
    • +88
OLMIS-5525: Got rid of $provide in unit tests for Template class

    • -29
    • +22
OLMIS-5525: Refactore calculationFactory test to use correct data builder

OLMIS-5822: Fixed a bug with products not being sorted alphabetically on the product selection modal

Bumped requisition-ui version to 5.5.1-SNAPSHOT

Released requisition-ui version 5.5.0

Bumped version to 5.5.0-SNAPSHOT

5.5.0-RC2 release

Bumped version to 5.5.0-SNAPSHOT

5.5.0-RC1 release

OLMIS-5356: Removed select-products-modal module

The module has been moved to other repository.

OLMIS-5520: changed submit and authorize to button element from input

OLMIS-5578: Adjusted sort component position on batch approval screen

OLMIS-5354 Update referencedata-ui to 5.5.0-SNAPSHOT

OLMIS-5509: Fixed filtering offline requisitions

* Added unit tests for requisitionSearch filter

* Fixed a bug introduced during eslint fixes

* Added undefined/null and false distinction when comparing emergency property

Fixed eslint issue