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Revert "Release report service 1.2.2-RC1"

Release report service 1.2.2-RC1

TZUP-117: Extract visitor report from Google Analytics

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OLMIS-6983: Sonar analysis and contract tests runs only for snapshots

- removed checking branch name

OLMIS-6983: Sonar analysis and contract tests run only for snapshots

Bumped version to 1.2.2-SNAPSHOT

Release 1.2.1

OLMIS-6887: Changed some unit tests to be integration tests

OLMIS-6887: Improved code coverage

OLMIS-6887: Added tests for refactored code

OLMIS-6887: Added try-with-resources for connection with database while printing the jasper reports

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Bumped version to 1.2.1-SNAPSHOT

Release 1.2.0

Revert "Released service version 1.2.0-RC1"

This reverts commit c7343b9680a662810cfd9262b63933746549aa2b.

Released service version 1.2.0-RC1

Fix order of cleaning up workspace

Clean up workspace after builds

To avoid errors during pipeline because directories cannot be deleted during git checkout.

OLMIS-6760 Use MediaType constants when possible

OLMIS-6760 Let Spring Boot Gradle plugin manage certain dependencies

For the dependencies that the plugin can manage, let it manage them.

OLMIS-6760 Add to changelog

Also, update to next minor version and make other minor changes.

OLMIS-6760 Update service to use Spring Boot 2.x

* Update to Spring Boot 2.2.x using Spring Boot Gradle plugin.

* Because of Spring Boot, also need to update PowerMock to v2.

* Spring Security OAuth2 is reconfigured to specific release (2.2.2).

* Update Flyway to 6.x because of various Flyway issues from earlier versions.

* Because of RAML issues, RAML tester updated and specific version of RAML parser used.

* Spring Data method names have been changed (existsById, findById, deleteById), and methods return Optional, not null.

* Call of new PageRequest replaced with PageRequest.of.

* Reimplement generation of Jasper reports (PDF, CSV, XLS, HTML).

* Add Keep-Alive header to API definition because of integration test errors.

* Fix checkstyle issue.

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Bumped version to 1.1.5-SNAPSHOT

Release 1.1.4

Revert "Release report service 1.1.4-RC1"

This reverts commit 0bbbbab0f2f7b79add5441260a5ce9829f1a7706.

Release report service 1.1.4-RC1

OLMIS-6465: Changed wiremock dependency configuration to avoid issue with HTTP response compression.

OLMIS-6494 Updated Pick Pack report to display the correct version of an orderable

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OLMIS-6129: Added package-lock.json file.

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OLMIS-4128 Change maximum page size to max integer.

OLMIS-6037: Standardized build statuses for all our Jenkins jobs - failure detection