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OLMIS-1242 FEOLMIS-496: Add tests for PacksToOrder calculation

OLMIS-1162 Fix ignored Integration Tests

newRequisitionGroup and newRequisitionGroupProgramSchedule factories returns null if any of required fields is null

Fixed problem with bootstrap.sql

OLMIS-882: Updated relations between roles and rights

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OLMIS-882: Removed unnecessary role

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OLMIS-882: Moved rights from demo data into bootstrap.sql

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OLMIS-1074 Flatten Role.contains check to only check direct right

Do not check attached rights when checking if a role contains a right. This is to keep it simple conceptually; does this role have this right?

OLMIS-1074 Fix right attachment mapping

Fix mapping between rights and attachments. Add repository integration tests.

In right controller, fill in attachment info from persistence context for right attachments.

Move right controller tests from unit to integration

Since these endpoints generally do not have any logic in the controller, move them to the integration test section.

OLMIS-1162 Add javadoc for ProcessingSchedule

OLMIS-1242 FEOLMIS-496 Update calculation logic in OrderableProduct

OLMIS-1162 Enforce required parameters to be not null in constructors

Constructors in RequisitionGroup, RequisitionGroupProgramSchedule and ProcessingSchedule should check parameters are not null. Disable integration tests that fail when these checks are enabled (bug ticket needs to be opened to fix code for those tests).

OLMIS-1162 Rename test methods in UserControllerIntegrationTest

Make them more clear on what they are testing.

Use ResultDto<Integer> instead of IntegerResultDto

Avoid anti-pattern of having a result DTO for each JSON value.

OLMIS-1244 API for configuring Price Per Pack (T), fix serializer and demo-data

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    • +11
OLMIS-869 Added missing extend clauses

OLMIS-1265: Removed invalid setting from

OLMIS-1199 Change schema to use draft-04 in RAML

OLMIS-1239 FEOLMIS-474 FEOLMIS-474 Changes after review

OLMIS-1162 Fix bugs from code review

User not found should return 404 Not Found since the resource to look forward is specified, but right and program not found should return 400 Bad Request, since they are part of the request that cannot be processed.

Relevant discussion:

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OLMIS-1162 Move some domain logic to more accurate parts of domain

Some logic in SupervisoryNode should be owned by RequistionGroup and some logic in User should be owned by SupervisionRoleAssignment. Update tests.

OLMIS-1162 Generify BooleanResultDto

This class will lead to an anti-pattern of DTOs for each primitive result we want to put in the response. Instead, we should parameterize it using generics. IntegerResultDto should also be removed and use this new ResultDto class.

OLMIS-1162 Have role assignment subclasses call own base constructor

Call own base constructor instead of superclass constructor. Base constructor calls superclass constructor anyways.

OLMIS-1198 Included schema for error response in RAML

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OLMIS-1239 FEOLMIS-447 Add dispensing unit/unit to OrderableProduct

OLMIS-976: Make processResources finalized by ramlToSwagger

Per the review comments, I'm making the processResources task

tied to the ramlToSwagger task, not the jar task.

OLMIS-1198 Processing Schedule search endpoint adjustments

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    • +31
OLMIS-1265: Configured hibernate connection

Fixed problem with relation between roles and rights in demo data

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OLMIS-1206: Added requisition rights

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