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OLMIS-7204: Added the error message when no facilities are available in offline mode

OLMIS-7187: Added caching Lots, Orderables and Orderable Fulfills on login

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OLMIS-7182: Added reject when lots was not found in local database offline

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Added a possibility to get lots from local storage in offline mode

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fix typo in task url

update changelog

add missing message string for empty partner node list when editing supervisory nodes

update changelog with v5.6.5 changes

show correct notification when product list is empty when adding/editing an association

OLMIS-6983: Sonar analysis and build reference ui runs only for snapshots

Bumped version to 5.6.5-SNAPSHOT

Release 5.6.4

Revert "Released referencedata-ui 5.6.4-RC2"

This reverts commit 0531d5480f53d428b1df0fb4c8192374f5875151.

Released referencedata-ui 5.6.4-RC2

OLMIS-6970: Update changelog

OLMIS-6970: Fix selecting products in the kit unpack list modal

Revert "Released referencedata-ui 5.6.4-RC1"

This reverts commit 4d7df3f70413be7ed752c703b8dfa1c2ee218675.

Released referencedata-ui 5.6.4-RC1

OLMIS-6901: Adding the lot and orderable-fulfills services with saving their values ​​to localstorage

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Update Togglz API path

Changed version to 5.6.4-SNAPSHOT

Patch release 5.6.3

Bumped version to 5.6.3-SNAPSHOT

Released 5.6.2

Revert "Released referencedata-ui 5.6.2-RC1"

This reverts commit ef0be1802d13931864bee43586926fae91261dea.

Released referencedata-ui 5.6.2-RC1

OLMIS-6750: Fixed typo in changelog

OLMIS-6750: Updated changelog

OLMIS-6750: Fixed processing periods for different timezones

OLMIS-6696: Set dataPromise as null after clearing cached permissions and moved return statement.