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OLMIS-6442: Replaced positive-integer directive with positive-decimal on add/edit FTAPs screen

OLMIS-6443: Updated html to not require some orderable fields

Added LotResource to fix splitting long requests

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OLMIS-6442: Updated numeric inputs to accept only positive integers

OLMIS-6443: Updated numeric inputs to accept only positive integers and removed primary class from Edit button

OLMIS-6441: Added directive to numbers in form, fixed button on confirm window

OLMIS-6441: Changed name of test

OLMIS-6441: Added missing test, changed required fields, changed text of message

OLMIS-6442: Fixed typos

OLMIS-6443: Updated orderable list view to hide Add product button if user does not have ORDERABLES_MANAGE right

OLMIS-6442: Fixed typo and reloading state

OLMIS-6441: Added missing test, cleaned code

OLMIS-6442: Added missing ngDocs, tests and cleaned code

OLMIS-6441: Filtered out programs and corrections with orderableDisplayCategoryResource name

OLMIS-6441: Added UI for managing program orderables

OLMIS-6442: Updated read-only mode for FTAPs

OLMIS-6442: Removed duplication in test

OLMIS-6442: Filtered out programs which are not assigned to the proper orderable

AO-379 Add translation for lots manage right.

AO-379 Add translation for lots manage right.

OLMIS-6442: Added missed translations

Merge branch 'master' into AO-379

AO-379 Remove whitespace and add changelog.

OLMIS-6442: Implemented UI for ftaps

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AO-379 Add translation for lots manage right.

OLMIS-6443: Added missing add product modal

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OLMIS-6402: Renamed versionId to versionNumber

Updated yarn.lock

OLMIS-6443: Renamed programs-resource.spec.js to program-resource.spec.js

OLMIS-6443: Added missing CHANGELOG entry

OLMIS-6443: Added missing unit tests

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