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Merge pull request #3 from OpenLMIS/fixbranch

Update files

Update files

Update older versions of files causing errors

Bumped version to 5.2.5-SNAPSHOT

Release reference-ui 5.2.4

Release reference-ui 5.2.4

release reference-ui 5.2.4.-RC1

Bumped version to 5.2.4-SNAPSHOT

Released reference-ui 5.2.3

Released reference-ui 5.2.3-RC2

Revert "Released reference-ui 5.2.3-RC1"

This reverts commit f70d15a5eead49d12173a8e60e96b234da693e9f.

Released reference-ui 5.2.3-RC1

OLMIS-7543: Enable Requisition-less Order

OLMIS-7465 Release version 5.2.3-SNAPSHOT

OLMIS-7465 Release version 5.2.2

OLMIS-7465 Release 5.2.2-RC1

Change stockmanagement-ui version to 2.1.2-SNAPSHOT

Bumped service version

Released reference-ui version 5.2.1

Bumped version to 5.2.3-SNAPSHOT

Bumped version to 5.2.3-SNAPSHOT

Released reference-ui version 5.2.2

Released reference-ui version 5.2.1-RC2

Revert "Released reference-ui version 5.2.1-RC1"

This reverts commit e86f4465b4f87669ede91a5c9b8e1b4deec8bc10.

Released reference-ui version 5.2.1-RC1

Update dev-ui dependencies

OLMIS-7397: Change node version and update some dependencies

OLMIS-7314: Update node version in dockerfile

OLMIS-7314: Update dev-ui dependency

OLMIS-7311: Added dependency on one-network-integration-ui

Bumped version to 5.2.1-SNAPSHOT