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Use variables for the SQLALCHEMY_DATABASE_URI

Substitute the DB URI with variables names

Substitute the DB URI with variables names

Set database variables

Set database variables

Wait for all process groups to start before starting materialized views

Merge pull request #75 from OpenLMIS/auto-loading-data

Auto loading data

Update stock consumption materialized views

Update orders dashboard

Update process groups versions and flow identifiers

Update registry version for the superset permissions flow

Merge pull request #74 from OpenLMIS/ammend-OlmisCreateTableStatements.sql

Modify OlmisCreateTableStatement Sql File

Replace join with left join in materialized view

OLMIS-6183, simplify proxy options

Focus is on the nginx config and changing the proxy pass options. Primarly forwarding the Host header that will include the port as well as the requested address (e.g. nifi.local) and the port. This allows Nginx to be bound to ports other than 80 and 443. Further reduced the expected use-cases be assuming that Nginx as a reverse proxy will fully encapsulate Nifi and Superset, and that if a user wants to use SSL, either the termination will be done at Nginx and the configuration will include certs, or the termination may happen a level above Nginx (e.g. an AWS ELB) in which case running a server on port 443 is unneeded.

OLMIS-5492, upgrade to debezium 0.9.4

Merge pull request #72 from OpenLMIS/update-registry-versions

Update flows

Updated flows

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Version update for superset permissions flow in nifi registry and adding the measure flows

Change base image of openlmis/awscli to alpine

Since openlmis/dev is based on an image based on alpine,

we can reduce the image size by using alpine directly.

By using the same version of alpine as openlmis/dev base java image,

we can keep the benefit of having to download less layers when used in

the same environment as openlmis/dev.

Signed-off-by: Morris Mukiri <>

Merge pull request #70 from OpenLMIS/update-spec

Update spec

Make the orderable ID not unique since an orderable can have multiple programs

Update process groups templates

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Add reference data configs with the jolt spec

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Update nifi process groups versions

OLMIS-6050 Cap the NiFi Container Resource Usage (#68)

* OLMIS-6050 Cap the NiFi container resource usage

Make the memory limit and reservation for the NiFi container


Signed-off-by: Morris Mukiri <>

* OLMIS-6050 make nifi cpu usage limit configurable

Signed-off-by: Morris Mukiri <>

* OLMIS-6050 Set NiFi JVM Heap Max

Make the JVM Heap Max environment variable configurable.

Co-authored-by: Jason Rogena <>

Signed-off-by: Morris Mukiri <>

* Update .env

Update .env

Merge branch 'master' of

Added in-progress v3.6 release notes.

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