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Released service version 0.0.1-RC1

OLMIS-7393: Updated

OLMIS-7393: Corrected displaying data format in consumption csv file

OLMIS-7393: Improvements in consumption and SOH list

OLMIS-7306: updated

OLMIS-7306: Corrected value formatting for adjustment and issue

OLMIS-7306: Added reason type recognition for consumption list

OLMIS-7306: Added detecting issue for consumption list and tests

OLMIS-7306: Modified order of columns in csv file

OLMIS-7305: Added missing tests

OLMIS-7305: Added tests and modified fetching data from stockCardSummaries

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OLMIS-7305: Generating stock on hand csv file and sending to sftp server

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OLMIS-7303: TIME_ZONE_ID_ONE_NETWORK parameter used for csv file creation

OLMIS-7303: Modification of columns in csv file

OLMIS-7303: Added columns to csv files for facilities and products

OLMIS-7303: Updated

OLMIS-7303: Added values to TimeZoneId and Country column in facilities .csv file

OLMIS-7303: Fetch facilities from referencedata

OLMIS-7304: Changed displayed colums in csv file for products

OLMIS-7312: Changed method name

OLMIS-7312: Changed implementation of queue, refactored code

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OLMIS-7312: Changed implementation of queue

OLMIS:7304: Changed package name to dto

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OLMIS:7304: Added corrections in method to generate csv and fixed name of methods

OLMIS-7304: Added missing tests and code refactor

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OLMIS-7304: Fetch orderables from referencedata

OLMIS-7312: Added turning off of collecting data while sheduler off and unified send methods

OLMIS-7312: Corrected test

OLMIS-7312: Added deletion of queue after fetching and tests

OLMIS-7312: Added fetching products to queue for csv creation