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Revert "Released service version 4.3.0-RC2"

This reverts commit a0d4732e76691a29958ac6c61500bc434b75c767.

Released service version 4.3.0-RC2

OLMIS-6776: Updated changelog

OLMIS-6776: Fixed the issue with invalid token error

OLMIS-6776: Added retry for Invalid Token issues during Authorization
OLMIS-6776: Added retry for Invalid Token issues during Authorization
Revert "Released service version 4.3.0-RC1"

This reverts commit 776c9be1903dfe73665b3520dd51aec957825fc8.

Released service version 4.3.0-RC1

OLMIS-6764 Upgrade Spring Boot to 2.2.2
OLMIS-6764 Upgrade Spring Boot to 2.2.2
Fix order of cleaning up workspace

Clean up workspace after builds

To avoid errors during pipeline because directories cannot be deleted during git checkout.

OLMIS-6764 Fix Sonar issues

OLMIS-6764 Add to changelog and other improvements

OLMIS-6764 Update Spring Boot version to 2.x

* Update to Spring Boot 2.2.2

* Spring Security OAuth2 now needs to be reconfigured to same version (2.2.2)

* Update Flyway to version supported by Spring Boot 2.2 (Flyway 6.0.8)

* Spring Data and pagination methods have changed

* Pagination does not allow a null sort, and by default returns an object, rather than an array, so add CustomSortSerializer to serialize Sort

* Fix digest subscription DTO to serialize digestConfiguration property

* Update RAML parser and tester to fix random errors during integration tests

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Bumped version to 4.2.1-SNAPSHOT

Release 4.2.0

Revert "Release notification service 4.2.0-RC1"

This reverts commit 99633bf979265db4857589b863983a1ca030f2ff.

Release notification service 4.2.0-RC1

OLMIS-6558: removed '-' from PUBLIC_URL

OLMIS-6558: Introduce new env variable - PUBLIC_URL

OLMIS-6558 Change version to 4.2.0

OLMIS-6558 Add publicUrl variable to application properties and use it in generated links.

OLMIS-6527: fixed missing categorization for changelog entry

OLMIS-6408: Changed method name for pageable validator

# Conflicts:

# src/main/java/org/openlmis/notification/interceptor/

OLMIS-6527: fixed localization of email verification notification

OLMIS-6527: changed version of notification service to 4.1.2-SNAPSHOT

adjusted message in changelog entry

OLMIS-6257 Fix wrong message localization when sending async notifications.