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OLMIS-5468: Added logs for CCE

OLMIS-5468: Added loggers

OLMIS-5468: Added logs for report, diagnostics and hapifhir

OLMIS-5468: Removed creating separate .env file for new version

Removed inserting data from logs.

Added --no-recreate flag to docker-compose command to use existing database for new version.

OLMIS-5468: Added service logs and updated setting spring profile and removing containers

Always retrieve .env file for new version

Update migration test after 3.3 release

Added check to avoid empty service list

OLMIS-4086: Fixed migration test

Fixed problem with incorrect LOTs in database

OLMIS-2236: do not create pseudo tty for logging

OLMIS-2236: do not cteara pseudo-TTY

OLMIS-2236: fix build fails on Jenkins

OLMIS-2236: timeout reduction

Logging improvements

OLMIS-2236: get rid of groovy, improve output

OLMIS-2236: change error/success behavior

OLMIS-2236: delete removing compose files

OLMIS-2236: remove dot from .build/

OLMIS-2236: log service name and only errors

OLMIS-2236: script improvements

OLMIS-2236: add database migration testing

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