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OLMIS-6222: Temporarily commented out broken tests

OLMIS-6222: Temporarily commented out broken tests

OLMIS-6314: Fixed broken tests

OLMIS-6314: Fixed compilation error

OLMIS-6314: Fixed compilation error

OLMIS-6314: Improved emergency requisition features

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OLMIS-6314: Removed unnecessary steps in skipping authorization step feature

OLMIS-6314: Bumped period code for emergency requisition

OLMIS-6314: Added missing import statement

OLMIS-6314: Reduced number of requisition tests

Some tests did exactly the same things and check different parts of

requisition workflow.

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Fixed issue with incorrect XPath selector

Fixed typo

Fixed issue with I set {column} as {value} for {code} product code inside a modal

OLMIS-6305: Reworked recording to record whole feature instead of scenarios

Made the tests fail fast

OLMIS-6325 Change baseUrl back to functional-test instance.

OLMIS-6325 Add saving console logs for failed tests

OLMIS-6314: Disabled waiting for loading modal while clearing tag selection

OLMIS-6305: Recording for all failed feature will no be kept

OLMIS-6305: Updated jenkinsfile to archive recordings

OLMIS-6305: Restored the ability to run single feature locally

OLMIS-6305: Restored baseUrl

OLMIS-6305: Added recording for failed tests

OLMIS-5517 added missing steps

added scrolling to logout button

added option to wait for element to hide in table component

removed waiting for element to hide from clear all tags action

Changed webdriver browser screen size to FullHD

Added additional configuration options to prevent crashes of browser

Adjusted webdriver resolution to 1600x900

changed screen size of wdio web browser to fullHD