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OLMIS-1243: Add Packs to Ship calculation

OLMIS-494: remove role assignments table from user profile page

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OLMIS-1077: Move cleaning error to run when data is loaded

Choosing some type on initate page and changing to another before an error appears sometimes causes loading both data table and an error 'No current period defined'.

OLMIS-1285: make requisition service unit tests more clear

OLMIS-1160: Added basic documentaiton to LoadingModalService

corrected css to hide loading text

changed loading-modal to loading-modal-service

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    • +108
OLMIS-1284: Changed test name to be more clear

OLMIS-1160: Repaired loading, logout bug still exists

OLMIS-1123 Rejecting response in case of 403

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    • +0
OLMIS-494: fixed ng doc build

changed doc from factory to service

added 404 status case to http interceptor

OLMIS-1077: Change displayed requisition status to Not yet started

If requisition is emergency and has status AUTHORIZED/APPROVED/RELEASED it will change to Not yet started.

OLMIS-494: added unit tests for user factory

also fixed test for User Profile controller

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    • +32
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    • +97
OLMIS-1284 Fixed code style issues in init requisition controller UI tests

moved repetitive code to beforeEach block, fixed tests titles, removed unused code, improved spies, fixed variable name

OLMIS-494: added user profile page

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OLMIS-1285: change requisition service spec name

OLMIS-1160: Added unit tests

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    • +54
OLMIS-1160: Internalized timeout into the service internally

OLMIS-1160: Got loading modal to work, and changed gif include to be css

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OLMIS-1160: cleaned up gunk from rebase

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Added configurable styleguide path

OLMIS-1067: Changed styleguide so it runs on relative path

OLMIS-1285: add requisition service tests

OLMIS-1284 Added tests for init-rnr controller

Added tests in init-rnr-controller.spec.js, assigned function loadPeriods() in init-rnr-controller to scope

OLMIS-1215: Created and -shadow variables to store black transparent RGBAs

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    • +1
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OLMIS-1220: removed no period for facility error message when there is no facility selected in requisition view

OLMIS-1160: Loading icon working in bootbox now, *bug* - cannot find loading icon gif, no timeout set for testing purposes

OLMIS-1160: Loading icon working in bootbox now, *bug* - cannot find loading icon gif, no timeout set for testing purposes

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    • +44
OLMIS-1220: change select to openlmis-select

OLMIS-1077 FEOLMIS-492: Changed string to Status constant and added checking for RELEASED status.