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OLMIS-982: Move refui root from /public to /

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OLMIS-1338: view offline requisitions

refactored requisition view page i.e. changed from grid to table

added offline storage for facilities and requisitions

added offline checkbox on requisition view page

refactored requisition and facility services to work while offline

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Updated to Angular 1.6

The major change in Angular 1.6 is enforcing uncaught promises, this

meant refactoring some tests and some code to have the proper promise


- Removed legacy karma tests that we were not using

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OLMIS-1122: revert remove close loading modal from login-modal interceptor

OLMIS-1122: add close loading modal to auth interceptor

OLMIS-1122: fix log in through modal from auth page and position modal on center

OLMIS-1122: add params to access state after log in

OLMIS-1122: remove reload page, create access-token factory

access-token factory is used by auth-interceptor-http and login-modal-interceptor

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OLMIS-982: Nested locations/endpoints in service discovery.

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OLMIS-1375: added auth interceptor test for access rights

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OLMIS-1122: clean up code with sonar

OLMIS-1375: refactored checking rights on entering the state

moved check logic from interceptor to auth service

changed all single rights to array in states

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OLMIS-1122: add login modal styles, add unit tests

unit tests for:

- emit proper event after login

- appropriate behavior on events: event:auth-loggedIn, auth.login, auth.login-modal

OLMIS-1375: added checking user rights on entering state

added accessRight parameter in all requisition states

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turn on unit disabled unit tests

OLMIS-1373: Added tests for Right class

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OLMIS-1122: remove unnecessary spies and injections from AuthInterceptorHttp tests

OLMIS-1373: Added JSDoc to the right.factory.js file

OLMIS-1122: separate login-modal interceptor from auth http interceptor, change checking state name to $

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OLMIS-1441: moved rights constant to olmis-core module and changed controller method name

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OLMIS-1122: login controller/service is nowe extensible

- remove duplicated login code using events

- added LoginController directly to the login form

- 'auth.login' event moved from loginController to loginService

OLMIS-1441: disable edit template link when user has no permission to configure tempaltes.

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OLMIS-1122: url can have different things appended

OLMIS-1122: remove forgot password link from login form

OLMIS-1122: repair retry request with old access token

Interceptor retried request with 401 always with same params (including old access_token), after changes it always set current token to request

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OLMIS-1373: Modified authorization service to better fit our current model of permissions

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OLMIS-1122: refactor, redirect to login page after logout, repair padding in modals


- remove login-modal.service and put functionality to auth-interceptor-http

- remove login-modal.html

- add auth/login-page.html that is parent for login-form.html in states

- remove not implemented forgot password

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OLMIS-1122: mock get messages in AuthInterceptor test

OLMIS-1122: refactor in auth

Change InterceptorService to LoginModalService and remake method LoginModalService.onLoginRequired to return promise.

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OLMIS-1122: repair unexpected get test fail