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Revert "OLMIS-6488: Removed production flag for debugging purposes"

This reverts commit 4d530cddfd78d87e2338991bb0c99e2cacfc6498.

OLMIS-6488: Removed production flag for debugging purposes

Revert "OLMIS-6357: Removed production flag again"

This reverts commit f9d388b13cd4335efb285771470ea36bb8962227.

OLMIS-6357: Removed production flag again

Revert "OLMIS-6357: Removed production flag for debugging purposes"

This reverts commit 5fed04dcde9a622c5c7152cd076cca8ea61b6ee4.

OLMIS-6357: Removed production flag for debugging purposes

OLMIS-6313: Keep only 3 last builds for release branches

OLMIS-6313: Adjusted buildDiscarder properties for dev

Fixed failing unit tests

Changed version to 9.0.1-SNAPSHOT

9.0.0 release

Bumped version to 9.0.0-SNAPSHOT

9.0.0-RC1 release

OLMIS-4944 Add java back into dev image

For sonar in UI builds.

OLMIS-4944 Add moment and moment-timezone to dev image

For build and test process. Also need to update debian version in Dockerfile, as it seems like jessie-backports are being archived. and

OLMIS-5390 Update dev environment with Jasmine 2

For better async support. Docker base image needs to be updated because of some error.

OLMIS-5837: Replaced PhantomJS launcher with headless Chrome

    • -1865
    • +5115
Bumped dev-ui version to 8.1.1-SNAPSHOT

Released dev-ui version 8.1.0

Bumped version to 8.1.0-SNAPSHOT

8.1.0-RC1 release

Revert "Updated .eslintrc file"

This reverts commit 30c14082709e993dbc5404031777f35b9c971c25.

Updated .eslintrc file

OLMIS-3969: Updated

Updated version to 8.1.0-SNAPSHOT

8.0.1 release

8.0.1 release

OLMIS-3696: Removed postinstall from the package.json

OLMIS-3696: Removed --no-optional flag from the sonar script

OLMIS-3696: Remove --no-optional from the build script