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COV-149: Fixed date display

COV-149: Fixed date display

COV-149: Added lot-management feature

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COVSUP-159: Bumped version to 1.0.1-SNAPSHOT

COVSUP-159: Release version 1.0.0

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COVSUP-126: Updated UI versions to 3.10

COVSUP-82: Added missing reports to messages

COVSUP-82: Aded messages for report translations

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COVSUP-46 - Fix issue with doubled dashboards

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COV-124: Updated docker login command

COV-124: Added link to COVID service desk

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COV-116: Added transifex project for COVID UI

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COV-95 - Update of jenkins script for pushing docker images

Updated service versions to the latest stable

COV-89: Updated to override config.json if it's provided

COV-89: Fixed test for locale settings

COV-86 - Fixed issue with necessary item in edit modal

COV-85 - Removed facility CCE status from the fulfill screen

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COV-86 - Deleted unnecessary css file

COV-86 - Delete unnecessary files

COV-86 - Deleted unnecessary information from summary modal

COV-57: Updated docker service name

COV-57: Updated script to display COVID_ENV_DIRECTORY value and changed apostrophes to quotes

COV-57: Updated usage of COVID_ENV_DIRECTORY param

COV-57: Added to enable selecting path to .env file

COV-67 Made Order Quantity values visible on Shipment Screens by adding missing getOrderQuantity function

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COV-23: Updated pcmt-integration-ui volume

COV-23 - Add pcmt-integration-ui to config, update ui-components docker immage version

COV-10: Updated labels for CCE rights

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Revert "COV-44 - Changed cov-ui image name to reference-instance-ui"

This reverts commit dd763eb01d6105cb22c5cf968765c673370c0713.