Klaudia Pałkowska

OLMIS-5468: Added logs for CCE

OLMIS-5468: Added loggers

OLMIS-5468: Added logs for report, diagnostics and hapifhir

OLMIS-5468: Removed creating separate .env file for new version

Removed inserting data from logs.

Added --no-recreate flag to docker-compose command to use existing database for new version.

OLMIS-5468: Added service logs and updated setting spring profile and removing containers

Updated contribution guide to include info about reverting changes

OLMIS-4943: Added check if field is null before formatting the value in repquisition report

Also removed some unnecessary imports

OLMIS-4943: Updated date and due days format in reportingRate.jrxml

OLMIS-5387: Testing notification for dev branch

OLMIS-4943: Updated some fields in requisitionLines.jrxml to use locale settings

OLMIS-4943: Fixed reportingRate report to use locale settings

OLMIS-4943: Added subreport parameter and removed unnecessary code

OLMIS-4943: Updated physical inventory report

OLMIS-4943: Added missing datasetParameters in reports and display 0 instead of null

OLMIS-4943: Updated reports to use grouping size and separator from application.properties

OLMIS-4943: Updated JasperReportService to use Mockito instead of PowerMock to fix coverage issues

OLMIS-4943: Added missing tests for Jasper raports

OLMIS-4943: Fixed hex data for report

OLMIS-4943: Updated reports to use locale settings from application.properties

OLMIS-5395: Fixed eslint issues and outdated test

Revert physical inventory report changes

OLMIS-4943: Updated jasper template in demo data

OLMIS-4943: Added datetime formatter argument to parse method in physical inventory report

OLMIS-4943: Updated physical inventory report to use datetime settings from application.properties

OLMIS-5366: Updated javadoc for calculating average consumption

OLMIS-5366: Removed test for constructor, made some fields final and fixed incorrect javadoc

OLMIS-5366: Added changelog

OLMIS-5366: Added missed test and changed protected fields to private in BasicProcessingPeriodDto

OLMIS-4942: Fixed changelog

OLMIS-4942: Fixed changelog