Disable caching of shipment templates. Makes it easier to test OLMIS-5832 - OLMIS-5835

Replace usage of ImmutableList.Builder by ImmutableList.of

Check if the orderableDto returned from service matches the mock product.

Added one unit test, Remove @Builder annotation, moved instance variables to private function parameters.

Remove unused variables.

OLMIS-5833: Support optionally using OrderableId or product code to identify orderables in shipment line items.

Implement row level validations for validity of orderables and quantity shipped

OLMIS-5834: Support Order code and Order Id to resolve which order the shipment is fulfilling.

Additional refactoring to split shipment builder and shipment line item builder.

Rename class names to improve readability.

Improve Shipment CSV Parser for readability, reliability

- More reliably read and use the Shipment file template, column position field is used.

- Provide two ways to access records from each row. position bases as well as field name which is read from the shipment template.

- Parse returns List of CSVRecord instead of array of string.

Introduce FileColumnKeyPath Enumeration for known and required column keypaths.

Introducing such enumeration improves readability of the code that depends on specific shipment template columns significantly.

OLMIS-4832: Validate Shipment File Templates for presence/absence of required columns

The validation also detects duplicate identifier columns.

Added missing private access modifiers.

Remove connection and data timeout settings to use the default

Remove unused variable

Remove @Query from OrderRepository, Add more orders in test.

Remove unecessary @Query, improve tests

OLMIS-5674: Add extraData column on shipment Line Item. Persist any extra column defined in shipment file template.

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Fix missing final keyword

OLMIS-5673: parse incoming shipment files and persist as shipment objects

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OLMIS-5670: poll ftp server for shipment files.

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Review Feedback - rename step.

OLMIS-5619: Address code review feedbacks

OLMIS-5619: reuse pause step, increase the pause to 30 seconds

OLMIS-5619: Add contract test for HAPI FHIR subscription.

OLMIS-5480: Remove constraint that was renamed, rename new constraint to be more descriptive.

OLMIS-5480: Set composite unique constraint on the domain class.

OLMIS-5480: Added unique constraint, updated demo data

OLMIS-5480: update transfer properties so that both order and shipment file related transfer credentials are persisted.

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OLMIS-5598: enable subscriptions in openlmis-hapifhir

Disable datasource auto-commit settings so that postgres specific error is avoided

-- Caused by: org.postgresql.util.PSQLException: Large Objects may not be used in auto-commit mode.

Remove code that requires manual activation of subscriptions.

Uncomment logback.xml

OLMIS-5581: Rename CsvFileTemplate to FileTemplate, increased coverage on some classes

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