Remove one line of code

Address code review feedbacks.

OLMIS-6201: disallow choosing wrong unpack reason.

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OLMIS-6199: Update Reason Categories to include Aggregation

Rename and reorganize validation methods

Validate one more condition (fail validation when more constituents were credited than number of kits unpacked.)

Resolve message keys that were not properly translating.

Update Readme to include service specific env varables.

Ignore adjustment reason validation for kit unpacking

OLMIS-682: Update settings-sample.env to include environment variables for unpack reasons

Load unpack reason id in context builder class.

Updates to fix PMD complaints

OLMIS-682: Unpack kit into stock

- Introduce new Reason Category (AGGREGATION)

- Add 2 new reasons for Kit unpacking and unpacked from kit.

- Add configuration that would be read from environment variable to determine which reason triggers adjustments.

- Implement an unpack kit validator that validates if all constituents from unpacked kit are accounted for

OLMIS-6062: put orderable/{id} increments version id.

Note: while the acceptance criteria for this ticket says this should be done on the repository layer

The current implementation is on the domain and may have to be updated in the future.

OLMIS-3933: add RAML entry for PUT /orderables/{id}

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OLMIS-683: Use @EqualsAndHashCode, rename orderableRef to orderable.

OLMIS-683: Use Equals Verifier, Create Index

OLMIS-683: Remove minimal orderable dto

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Additional unit tests

Override equals and hashcode on OrderableChild

OLMIS-683: Update Orderables model to support Kits

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OLMIS-6010: improve test coverage

Bug Fix: rowsWithUnresolvedOrderable property should be visible in shipments api response

Remove unused setter, added a test

Split shipment error handler into a separate class to improve testability

Review feedback. Remove Gson and use Jackson for serializing unresolved orderable rows

Introduce methods to add line item and unresolved rows.

Use existing MessageKeys instead of String.format

Update shipment schema to include rowsWithUnresolvedOrderable.

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OLMIS-5986: For shipment files that did not process successfully, write an error log file in the errors folder that describes why it failed to process.

Refactored shipment integration channel names for better readability.

OLMIS-5985: Prefix archived shipment files with timestamp to avoid file name collision.

OLMIS-5675: Capture shipment line items with unresolved orderable in extra data