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Review FEOLMIS-3251 hassan OLMIS-5083 :- Add information about date format in error message 2 4 3 months and 12 days 3 months and 10 days ago
Review FEOLMIS-3361 Adugna Worku OLMIS-4403: Fix rights under role edit form to appropriatly show... 3 15 2 months 53 days ago
Review FEOLMIS-3497 Paulina Mironiuk OLMIS-4575 added functional test for approving and rejecting a regular... 8 12 10 days 6 days ago
Review FEOLMIS-3507 Nikodem Graczewski OLMIS-5783: Removed ObjectReferenceDataBuilder reference from... 1 1 3 days in 19 hours