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Review FEOLMIS-3361 Adugna Worku OLMIS-4403: Fix rights under role edit form to appropriatly show... 3 15 4 months and 7 days 3 months and 29 days ago
Review FEOLMIS-3633 Nikodem Graczewski OLMIS-5837: Added the ability to check for right based on role... 7 1 37 hours in 58 hours
Review FEOLMIS-3634 Nikodem Graczewski OLMIS-5837: Refactored permission.service.spec.js 2 0 37 hours in 58 hours
Review FEOLMIS-3635 Nikodem Graczewski OLMIS-5837: Refactored requisition-search.routes.spec.js 1 0 37 hours in 58 hours
Review FEOLMIS-3636 Nikodem Graczewski OLMIS-5837: Made View Requisitions screen accessible to partner users 7 0 37 hours in 58 hours