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State Review Owner Name Files Comments Age Due Reviewers
Closed FEOLMIS-238 Nick Reid OLMIS-1030: Put styles in vendor.css and app.css 46 3 2 years
Closed FEOLMIS-242 Nick Reid OLMIS-1029: localizationService was made specifically for openlmis, so... 221 1 2 years
Closed FEOLMIS-266 Nikodem Graczewski OLMIS-1043: Migrated base of the application to state-based routing 27 1 2 years
Closed FEOLMIS-367 Mikołaj Bas OLMIS-1058: Delete a requistion 8 16 23 months
Closed FEOLMIS-372 Paweł Lal OLMIS-1075: Show approval columns on product grid 3 10 23 months
Closed FEOLMIS-387 Nick Reid OLMIS-1033: NavigationService that generates from routes 28 3 23 months
Closed FEOLMIS-390 Nikodem Graczewski OLMIS-1192: Calculated fields will now be sent as nulls 1 0 23 months
Closed FEOLMIS-392 Nikodem Graczewski OLMIS-1005: Minor improvements to the requisition screen 6 5 23 months
Closed FEOLMIS-393 Sebastian Brudziński OLMIS-1163 Add gray gradient to save button 1 0 23 months
Closed FEOLMIS-396 Nikodem Graczewski Requisition will now be saved before being submitted/authorized 2 4 23 months
Closed FEOLMIS-398 Nikodem Graczewski Done some refactor of grid related css classes 6 1 23 months
Closed FEOLMIS-404 Nikodem Graczewski Product grid will now show errors when submit/authorize fails 5 1 23 months
Closed FEOLMIS-419 Nikodem Graczewski WIP 3 2 23 months
Closed FEOLMIS-422 Nick Reid OLMIS-1225: Made facility display a select box 3 0 23 months
Closed FEOLMIS-423 Nikodem Graczewski Submit, Authorize, Reject and Approve will no longer be sending... 1 1 23 months
Closed FEOLMIS-424 Nikodem Graczewski Fixed the issue with period grid being too short after program being... 1 0 23 months
Closed FEOLMIS-426 Nikodem Graczewski OLMIS-1229: Made the product grid respect the isDisplayed field 14 9 23 months
Closed FEOLMIS-427 Paweł Gesek OLMIS-1068: Stock adjustment modal window 10 12 23 months
Closed FEOLMIS-437 Nikodem Graczewski OLMIS-818: Fixed an issue with validation when totalConsumedQuantity... 7 0 23 months
Closed FEOLMIS-438 Nikodem Graczewski OLMIS-818: Fixed the condition for displaying columns 1 0 23 months
Closed FEOLMIS-439 Nikodem Graczewski OLMIS-1169: Replaced some placeholders with labels 3 4 23 months
Closed FEOLMIS-450 Mikołaj Bas OLMIS-1196 - UI: Total (Y) 3 1 23 months
Closed FEOLMIS-454 jhopen OLMIS-1167 Standerdize select form element 17 30 23 months
Closed FEOLMIS-455 Nick Reid OLMIS-1235: Edited coding conventions 2 5 23 months
Closed FEOLMIS-458 Nikodem Graczewski OLMIS-1167: Removed theme from the ui-select 1 0 23 months
Closed FEOLMIS-471 Nikodem Graczewski OLMIS-1224: Added Convert to Order page 13 25 23 months
Closed FEOLMIS-482 Paweł Gesek Added info about the recommended way to develop the UI 1 2 23 months
Closed FEOLMIS-490 Nikodem Graczewski OLMIS-1224: Modified grids to make use of the angular date filter 9 5 23 months
Closed FEOLMIS-503 Paweł Lal OLMIS-1160: Make loading icon prettier 18 3 23 months
Closed FEOLMIS-511 Paweł Muchowski OLMIS-1243: Add Packs to Ship calculation 2 1 23 months
Closed FEOLMIS-514 Nick Reid Added example for unit testing a modal object 1 1 23 months
Closed FEOLMIS-520 Nikodem Graczewski OLMIS-1243: Modified calculatePacksToShip function to be requisition... 6 8 23 months
Closed FEOLMIS-532 Nikodem Graczewski OLMIS-1260: Documented the productGridCell directive 4 3 23 months
Closed FEOLMIS-538 Paweł Gesek OLMIS-1341: Pre-cache all HTML templates and partials 13 6 23 months
Closed FEOLMIS-553 Paweł Lal OLMIS-1259: Document RequisitionController 2 11 22 months
Closed FEOLMIS-556 Jakub Kondrat OLMIS-1342 Dynamically generate AppCache Manifest 3 0 22 months
Closed FEOLMIS-557 Nikodem Graczewski OLMIS-1209: Added Non Full Supply Product(s) tab and add product modal 60 18 22 months
Closed FEOLMIS-568 Nikodem Graczewski Added notification for successful build while watch is running 1 0 22 months
Closed FEOLMIS-587 Paweł Nawrocki OLMIS-982: Handle 'nested locations/endpoints' in Service Discovery... 87 45 22 months
Closed FEOLMIS-599 Nikodem Graczewski OLMIS-1209: Migrated full supply and non full supply tabs to separate... 64 34 22 months
Closed FEOLMIS-603 Paweł Gesek OLMIS-870: Rounding fix 6 0 22 months
Closed FEOLMIS-605 Paweł Albecki OLMIS-1122: No state loss when re-authenticating 28 59 22 months
Closed FEOLMIS-608 Paweł Lal OLMIS-1373: LoginService stores user-rights to local storage 4 0 22 months
Closed FEOLMIS-613 Nikodem Graczewski OLMIS-1421: Refactored Program factory 14 12 22 months
Closed FEOLMIS-618 Nikodem Graczewski OLMIS-1373: Modified authorization service to better fit our current... 13 5 22 months
Closed FEOLMIS-622 Przemysław Studziński OLMIS-1299: Apply styling and code fixes to the adjustment 4 3 22 months
Closed FEOLMIS-623 Nikodem Graczewski OLMIS-1209: Moved add product modal to service 5 7 22 months
Closed FEOLMIS-635 Weronika Ciecierska OLMIS-1233: Added unit tests for Convert to order modal service 1 0 22 months
Closed FEOLMIS-636 Nikodem Graczewski OLMIS-1374: Made NavigationService respect state access rights 13 11 22 months
Closed FEOLMIS-638 Nick Reid OLMIS-1167: Added documentation and tests for select 33 5 22 months
Closed FEOLMIS-639 Chongsun Ahn OLMIS-1348 Standardize action button for all forms 6 3 22 months