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Closed FEOLMIS-2954 Elias OLMIS-4681 - Add source and additional options for 'skipped' column 8 5 12 months
Closed FEOLMIS-2976 Elias OLMIS-4792: Make dropdown in additional options column of requisition... 6 17 12 months
Closed FEOLMIS-2990 Sebastian Brudziński OLMIS-4714 Initiate Stock based requisitions with line items for... 12 6 12 months
Closed FEOLMIS-3006 Elias OLMIS-4683 carry over skipped values from previous regular requisition 6 2 12 months
Closed FEOLMIS-3016 Elias OLMIS-4686, OLMIS-4687: Hide skipped line items from create... 3 4 12 months
Closed FEOLMIS-3017 Elias OLMIS-4684: Show an add product button on full supply line requisition... 13 35 12 months
Closed FEOLMIS-3023 Nikodem Graczewski OLMIS-4813: Changed syntax for using datepicker 39 7 12 months
Closed FEOLMIS-3024 Nikodem Graczewski OLMIS-4830: Added popover with the list of rights when hover over role... 34 14 12 months
Closed FEOLMIS-3027 Nikodem Graczewski OLMIS-4838: Added option to display informational alert to the... 11 5 12 months
Closed FEOLMIS-3062 Elias OLMIS-4684: Show the number of hidden full supply products that are... 4 20 12 months
Closed FEOLMIS-3080 Mateusz Kwiatkowski OLMIS-4140: added feature flag for searching facilities using... 12 1 11 months
Closed FEOLMIS-3084 Elias OLMIS-4867: Retry transfer for orders that failed to transfer... 15 9 11 months
Closed FEOLMIS-3085 Elias OLMIS-4868: Add an order status filter on view orders page. 7 1 11 months
Closed FEOLMIS-3088 Mateusz Kwiatkowski OLMIS-4797: added documentation for feature flags 1 8 11 months
Closed FEOLMIS-3102 Elias OLMIS-4958: propose a new resource to release requisitions with or... 3 6 11 months
Closed FEOLMIS-3133 Elias OLMIS-4958: create a consolidated api for releasing requisitions with... 35 21 11 months
Closed FEOLMIS-3135 Elias OLMIS-4865: release requisition without order 9 11 11 months
Closed FEOLMIS-3138 Mateusz Kwiatkowski OLMIS-4819: GET /api/processingPeriods endpoint now accepts multiple... 14 5 11 months
Closed FEOLMIS-3139 Mateusz Kwiatkowski OLMIS-4935: added Idempotency-Key header to requisitions batchRelease... 4 0 11 months
Closed FEOLMIS-3141 Mateusz Kwiatkowski OLMIS-4491: added new demo data loading strategy 43 13 11 months
Closed FEOLMIS-3168 Elias OLMIS-4966: Add additional column on requisition template called... 17 4 10 months
Closed FEOLMIS-3171 Elias OLMIS-4966: Added additional column on requisition template. 8 8 10 months
Closed FEOLMIS-3172 Mateusz Kwiatkowski OLMIS-3288: removed validation for missing program param when facility... 5 0 10 months
Closed FEOLMIS-3245 Łukasz Lewczyński OLMIS-5262: Added ability to syncing FHIR-related data changes to FHIR... 66 8 9 months
Closed FEOLMIS-3268 Mateusz Kwiatkowski OLMIS-5334: enabled total and number of patients added columns for SBR 9 0 9 months
Closed FEOLMIS-3269 Mateusz Kwiatkowski OLMIS-5334: enabled total and number of patients added columns for SBR 5 0 9 months
Closed FEOLMIS-3286 Mateusz Kwiatkowski OLMIS-5366: enabled average consumption column for SBR 27 13 9 months
Closed FEOLMIS-3303 Mateusz Kwiatkowski OLMIS-5366: fixed problem with no previous periods 6 0 9 months
Closed FEOLMIS-3319 Elias Configure HAPI FHIR servlet and consul configs 23 21 8 months
Closed FEOLMIS-3320 Elias Start a Build process 8 1 8 months
Closed FEOLMIS-3323 Łukasz Lewczyński OLMIS-5384: Added authorization options for FHIR client 36 6 8 months
Closed FEOLMIS-3328 Adugna Worku OLMIS-4968 - make packsToShip Rnr column to be visible on approval... 9 0 8 months
Closed FEOLMIS-3329 Łukasz Lewczyński OLMIS-5384: Disabled cache for FHIR search requests 2 1 8 months
Closed FEOLMIS-3333 Łukasz Lewczyński OLMIS-5385: Supports only service-based or API key tokens 20 10 8 months
Closed FEOLMIS-3334 Łukasz Lewczyński OLMIS-5385: Renamed initial migration 2 0 8 months
Closed FEOLMIS-3335 Łukasz Lewczyński OLMIS-5385: clean repository 16 0 8 months
Closed FEOLMIS-3336 Łukasz Lewczyński OLMIS-5385: Made error messages translatable 12 0 8 months
Closed FEOLMIS-3339 Łukasz Lewczyński OLMIS-5385: updated template service 80 1 8 months
Closed FEOLMIS-3346 Łukasz Lewczyński OLMIS-5415: Added check for the isFhirLocationOwner flag in fhir... 31 44 8 months
Closed FEOLMIS-3353 Łukasz Lewczyński OLMIS-5415: Syncing data with OpenLMIS reference data 32 13 8 months
Closed FEOLMIS-3363 Elias OLMIS-5479: Refactor orderFileTemplate to csvFileTemplate to... 39 14 8 months
Closed FEOLMIS-3359 Łukasz Lewczyński OLMIS-5415: Fixed problem with missing entity manager 4 1 8 months
Closed FEOLMIS-3364 Łukasz Lewczyński OLMIS-5415: Added contract tests to verify 2st use case 36 0 8 months
Closed FEOLMIS-3370 Elias OLMIS-5581: Rename CsvFileTemplate to FileTemplate, increased coverage... 51 3 8 months
Closed FEOLMIS-3376 Łukasz Lewczyński OLMIS-5447: Used correct urls in location partOf field 13 0 8 months
Closed FEOLMIS-3384 Elias OLMIS-5598: enable subscriptions in openlmis-hapifhir 2 2 8 months
Closed FEOLMIS-3391 Elias OLMIS-5480: update transfer properties so that both order and shipment... 25 6 7 months
Closed FEOLMIS-3398 Chongsun Ahn OLMIS-5383 Automatically load demo data from reference data 16 16 7 months
Closed FEOLMIS-3450 Elias OLMIS-5619: Add contract test for HAPI FHIR subscription. 10 16 7 months
Closed FEOLMIS-3469 Elias OLMIS-5670: poll ftp server for shipment files. 10 3 6 months
Closed FEOLMIS-3470 Elias OLMIS-5673: parse incoming shipment files and persist as shipment... 15 4 6 months