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Review FEOLMIS-3361 Adugna Worku OLMIS-4403: Fix rights under role edit form to appropriatly show... 3 15 4 months and 12 days 4 months and 4 days ago
Review FEOLMIS-3593 Josh Zamor OLMIS-5977, update forum and developer guide links 2 0 21 days 19 days ago
Review FEOLMIS-3638 Łukasz Lewczyński OLMIS-5971: Introduced Spring Integration to handle notifications... 55 42 6 days 55 hours ago
Review FEOLMIS-3642 Łukasz Lewczyński OLMIS-6017: Added ability to subscribe to get digest notifications 23 1 34 hours in 13 hours
Review FEOLMIS-3643 Paulina Mironiuk OLMIS-5531 added functional test for requisition workflow validations 6 0 32 hours in 14 hours
Review FEOLMIS-3644 Mateusz Kwiatkowski OLMIS-6031: added performance tests for supply lines 7 0 12 hours in 34 hours