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    Author 36m 6 other note: in near future this will be moved to the noti...
    Reviewer - Complete 17m 3 Shouldn't this be done by the referencedata though?
    Reviewer - Complete 21m 3 OK, I saw nothing
    Reviewer - Complete 39m 3 Alright, we'll leave this then.
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    1. when user is created, the reference data part of data will contain email but verified flag will be false
    2. when user is updated and email was not changed we do nothing
    3. when user is updated and email has been changed we set old values for email and verified fields for reference data part of data. The new email address will be set when the user will verify the new email.

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    /src/.../web/UserControllerIntegrationTest.java Changed
    /src/.../domain/EmailVerificationToken.java Changed 2
    /src/main/.../auth/service/UserService.java Changed 2
    /src/main/.../auth/web/UserController.java Changed 9
    /src/.../web/UserSaveRequestValidator.java Changed 2
    /src/.../migration/20180612131415248__add_email_field_to_verification_email.sql Added
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    /src/.../domain/EmailVerificationTokenTest.java Changed
    /src/.../service/RequestParametersTest.java Added
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    /src/test/.../service/UserServiceTest.java Changed
    /src/.../web/UserSaveRequestValidatorTest.java Changed
    /src/test/.../openlmis/auth/DummyUserDto.java Changed
    /src/.../auth/EmailVerificationTokenDataBuilder.java Changed

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