OLMIS-3243: Updated tests in modules cce-add-inventory-item and cce-catalog-item


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    /src/cce-add-inventory-item/add-inventory-item.controller.spec.js Changed
    /src/cce-add-inventory-item/add-inventory-item.html.spec.js Changed
    /src/cce-add-inventory-item/cce-add-inventory-item.module.js Changed
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    /src/cce-add-inventory-item/cce-add-inventory-item.routes.spec.js Changed
    /src/cce-catalog-item/catalog-item-data-builder.spec.js Added
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    /src/cce-catalog-item/catalog-item-type.factory.spec.js Changed
    /src/cce-catalog-item/cce-catalog-item.service.spec.js Changed

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