nikodem graczewski <> in openlmis-ui-layout

OLMIS-5976: Added missing dependency to the openlmis-main-state module

OLMIS-5976: Moved the state resolve from home to the main state

OLMIS-5976: Updated changelog

OLMIS-5976: Updated auth-ui to version 6.2.0

Bumped version to 5.1.2-SNAPSHOT

5.1.2-RC1 release

OLMIS-5500: Added template for a flex page

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OLMIS-3969: Updated

Updated docker-compose.yml

OLMIS-3696: Added .npmrc, npm-shrinkwrap.json, yarn.lock files and postinstall script

OLMIS-4388: Fixed ESlint tech debt in specs

OLMIS-4388: Removed .eslintrc file (will now use the one from dev-ui)

Changed version to 5.1.2-SNAPSHOT

5.1.1 release

Changed version to 5.1.1-SNAPSHOT

5.1.1-RC2 release

Changed version to 5.1.1-SNAPSHOT

5.1.1-RC1 release

Enabled eslint

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Fixed tech debt

OLMIS-4813: Updated changelog

Disabled eslint task for ui-layout and depending modules

OLMIS-4813: Bumped ui-components version to 6.0.0-SNAPSHOT

OLMIS-4732: Added role assignments tables to the User Profile screen

Bumped version to 5.1.1-SNAPSHOT


Bumped version to 5.1.1-SNAPSHOT

5.1.0 release

Bumped version to 5.1.0-SNAPSHOT

5.1.0-RC3 release