paulina mironiuk <> in openlmis-ui-components

OLMIS-6486 added config param to tranform response

OLMIS-6487 Added test for not found error when updating cache

OLMIS-6486 Added implementation for create, update and delete functions in OpenlmisCacheResource on UI

OLMIS-6403 Fixed incorrect Start Date and Expiry Date behaviour for system notifications

OLMIS-6361 made header in system notification flexible and added translatable text

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OLMIS-6361 fixed issue with long title in system notification

OLMIS-6361 adjusted some sizing

OLMIS-6361 Added openlmis-message component

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OLMIS-3615 made variables with html more readable

OLMIS-3615 added some missing tests to table-pane directive

OLMIS-3987 added word break css property to modal headers

OLMIS-3987 added changelog

OLMIS-3987 fixed wrapping long text in modals