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OLMIS-6473 Rename openlmisDatetime filter

There already exists a filter with this name. This new filter does not seem to be as robust, as it does not use the system timezone setting.

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OLMIS-4944 Improve testing setup for date filters

Based on code review feedback.

OLMIS-4944 Improve testing setup for period filter

Based on code review feedback.

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Move component to 7.1.0-SNAPSHOT

Since it has new functionality now.

OLMIS-4944 Make changes based on review feedback

* Move checking for defaults from filters to locale service.

* Remove extra promise logic in locale service.

* Add to changelog.

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OLMIS-4944 Switch currency filter to use locale service

Instead of currency service, which does not return settings from config, but hardcoded settings.

Remove node_modules folder after build

To try to cut down disk usage on build server.

OLMIS-4944 Refactor date and datetime filters to support timezones

* Add new localeService to get locale settings from reference data

* Refactor filters to allow specifying timezone

* If format or timezone not specified, will look for it in the locale settings

* If not found in locale settings, get default value in config (or UTC for timezone)

OLMIS-5390 Update tests to Jasmine 2

For better async support.

  1. … 39 more files in changeset.
OLMIS-4197 Improve horizontal list CSS

Seems unnecessary to require a colon after each dt entry and it messes up look of View History button. Text-align right also seems unnecessary as all text is aligned left anyways.

OLMIS-4127 Add function to convert epoch milli to ISO date in dateUtils

Used in cce-ui.

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OLMIS-2809 Make inline forms not too long

Make sure any items in inline forms don’t take too much space. In particular, select2 dropdowns, if they have long items, should be cut off and end with an ellipsis.

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OLMIS-1933 Change infrastructure/dev images from latest to 1

Moving away from latest to versioned image.

OLMIS-403 Use directive for input buttons

Apply directive to <input> buttons. Add unit tests.

OLMIS-403 Add description tag to module

Based on review feedback.

OLMIS-403 Add interceptor to track 500 errors

Intercept all 500 errors and send to GA as an event. The unit tests are commented out because they don't work currently.

OLMIS-403 Add directive for buttons to track button clicks

Track all "button" clicks and send to GA as an event. Button means <button> and <input> of type=submit or type=button. The unit test is commented out because it doesn't work currently.

OLMIS-403 Add Analytics module and track page views

Add analytics module and new config setting analyticsTrackingId. Add GA code to index.html (this will eventually be replaced by downloading the analytics.js code during build time). Track page views during stateChangeSuccess.

Make report format buttons use button tag

Change report format buttons to use button tag to match styling of all other buttons. Also add them into a button group so they match styling of buttons in other places and make PDF and CSV the only primary buttons.

Merge branch 'feature/OLMIS-1182'

OLMIS-1788 Rename createdDate to initiatedDate

Matches API endpoint signature.

Merge branch 'feature/OLMIS-1726-rename-months'

OLMIS-1726 Update maxStock and minStock names to include periods

Update maxStock to maxPeriodsOfStock and minStock to minPeriodsOfStock. It's more descriptive and less confusing for developers.

OLMIS-1783 Load environment variables from env file

This is so TRANSIFEX_USER and TRANSIFEX_PASSWORD can be set in the CI machine and automatically used to sync with Transifex during the CI process.

OLMIS-1726 Rename references of months

Only seems to have been used in calculation factory (and test) and an unused set of css class names.

OLMIS-1604 Incorporate minor UI changes based on review

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OLMIS-1604 Add report options page

Create page to show options of selected report. Basic layout. Only String datatypes with dropdown options from the SQL are supported.

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OLMIS-1604 Add report list page

Create page to show list of all requisition reports. Very basic layout with link to go to report's options. Create requisition report service to access backend endpoints.

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OLMIS-1604 Create new report module

Create new report module and add it to the app. Create new tab, in between Orders and Admin. Add new report rights.

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Rename app.title

No hyphen between "Open" and "LMIS".