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Add HTTP caching and DTOs to style guide

Cross reference to performance docs. If HTTP caching is being implemented, need to check and potentially fix DTOs.

Update style guide: UUIDs should end in "Id"

OLMIS-1933 Change infrastructure/dev images from latest to 1

Moving away from latest to versioned image.

OLMIS-1933 Change postgres image from latest to 9.4

Moving away from latest to versioned image.

OLMIS-1741 Rename blue to reference distribution

Blue is being deprecated in favor of reference distribution/ref distro.

OLMIS-832 Update based on review feedback


OLMIS-832 Add info about Transifex and the build

Add info about what happens in Transifex when the message source is modified.

OLMIS-1560 Update Flyway document

Update after discussion and incorporation of review comments.

OLMIS-1560 Document high level guide on writing schema migrations

Also linked from style guide.

Update style guide: UUID columns should end in id

Update style guide with guidelines for right names

Establish a standardized pattern for right names.

OLMIS-1162 Update style guide to talk about JSON value responses

We should enforce consistency in returning JSON values in endpoints by recommending they are wrapped in a JSON object. This is to be compliant with all JSON parsers.

OLMIS-894 Update style guide

Add entry about JSON schemas for RAML be put in separate JSON files.

Update style guide after review comments

Clarify no DTOs even for relationships in exporter/importer interfaces. Clarify resource as REST resource.

Update style guide with additional Java guidelines

* Add point about Importer/Exporter pattern

* Discourage use of no args constructor that Hibernate needs

* Design of domain objects vs. REST API resources

OLMIS-1083 Update style guide from review comments

Make things clearer about package naming.

OLMIS-1083 Update the style guide with new guidelines

Regarding generated filed, package naming and exceptions.

Update testing document with tooling

Add list of tools used in automated testing strategy.

Update testing document

Add info on updating a resource with PUT

PUT is not necessarily an update; add info to indicate that.

Also reformat some lines to wrap at 100 characters.

OLMIS-750 Change default schema

Change default schema from public to service name. Hibernate does not automatically generate it, so a SQL file is added to create it, if it does not already exist.

Also add pretty print to JSON output.

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OLMIS-802 Add API guidelines to style guide

Add more guidelines.

OLMIS-765 Change properties to support Unicode

Change Transifex client to indicate message files support UTF-8 (Unicode) by specifying UNICODEPROPERTIES type.

Merge branch 'feature/transifex-build'

OLMIS-765 Add Transifex sync to build

Add Transifex into the development and build processes. Change the build process to use a script, rather than call gradle build directly, so that the build is in two steps--transifex and gradle.

Update documentation about Transifex. Remove translated file.

OLMIS-738 Change logback log format

Change log format to match closer to our desired log format, adding thread and log level.

OLMIS-656 Add documentation for env file in README

Add documentation about how the .env file is required before developing or building.

Add environment file reference to docker compose builder file

So that the builder file knows about build environment variables.

OLMIS-656 hand database connection credentials to container

Instead of having db credentials hardcoded in the gradle build and Spring Boot app properties file, have those settings take it from the environment, which is passed in through an environment file during docker compose.

OLMIS-657 Enable remote debugging

A Spring Boot application started with Gradle already has an option to enable debugging (--debug-jvm), using port 5005. Expose that port to the host for remote debugging.

Document how to enable and use debugging.