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Revert "Released service version 5.0.2-RC1"

This reverts commit a9f2ba30a57869ba3f24ce7e30256411650b7597.

Released service version 5.0.2-RC1

OLMIS-6745 :Include processingDate in ordering the line items

CFLM-6745: Put adjustments as last line items for a specific dates

OLMIS-6745: Change previousSoH to be taken from the day before the first line item

OLMIS-6745: Resolve issues with line items without id

OLMIS-6745: Changed Transactional import package

Merge branch 'master' of

OLMIS-6745: Improved calculating SoH for the edge cases

OLMIS-6745: Changed the order of calculating soh

OLMIS-6745: Added tests covering the problematic case