mateusz kwiatkowski <> in openlmis-stockmanagement-ui

OLMIS-4742: added Jenkinsfile

OLMIS-4578: added missing tests

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bumped referencedata-ui version to 5.4.0-SNAPSHOT

OLMIS-4578: moved getting trade item ids to private method

OLMIS-4578: removed check for empty canFulfillForMe list

OLMIS-4578: fixed missing products and lots on receive and inventory screens

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OLMIS-4578: removed unused factory

OLMIS-4578: added stock card summary resource

OLMIS-4578: removed stock products repository

OLMIS-4578: removed unused stock-card-summaries module dependencies

OLMIS-4578: disabled tests for refactoring

OLMIS-4578: remove old summaries code

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OLMIS-4435: refactored valid reason services and factory

updated service version

Merge branch 'master' of

fixed indentation in routes file

OLMIS-4027: added extracting content from facility type response

fixed print label on stock card view

OLMIS-4055: removed unnecessary class from table row

fixed print message on stock card screen

OLMIS-4055: removed trailing coma

OLMIS-4055: fixed stock card summaries routes tests

OLMIS-4055: added tests for stock card summaries routes

OLMIS-4055: fixed jsdoc

OLMIS-4055: removed trailing coma

OLMIS-4055: added stock card summaries server communication

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OLMIS-4055: added new stock on hand page

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OLMIS-4055: removed old stock on hand page

OLMIS-3806: removed redundant date filtering

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OLMIS-3614: added withOrderable method to stock card summary data builder