jakub kondrat <> in openlmis-stockmanagement-ui

OLMIS-4946: Push image and trigger reference-ui job after build stage on master

OLMIS-3415: Remove bower.json

OLMIS-3415: Add package-yarn.json

Revert "Shorter compose project name"

This reverts commit ac6fd7d9645d130c07123e4db8d700caa80f8331.

Shorter compose project name

OLMIS-4795: Update dev-ui to version 8

OLMIS-4795: Prevent pushing to Transifex in branches other than master

OLMIS-4753: Update Jenkinsfile to build reference-ui-pipeline

OLMIS-4592: Use single param stock event constructor

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OLMIS-4592: Physical inventory signature is not shown on Stock Card

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OLMIS-4118: Add changelog entry

OLMIS-4118: Show display unit for Dispensable

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