klaudia pałkowska <> in openlmis-requisition

OLMIS-3773: Updated changelog

OLMIS-3773: Updated changelog

OLMIS-3773: Adjusted facilities search by ids after changing return type to page

OLMIS-3773: Reverted changes

OLMIS-3773: Added changelog

OLMIS-3773: Adjusted facilities search by ids after changing return type to page

Updated task for generating migration to paste info about editing migrations

OLMIS-5467: Updated service base version to 4

OLMIS-5467: Updated service-base version to 3 in Dockerfile

Revert "Released requisition v7.1.0-RC1"

This reverts commit 37ce7c31e7da8215b46f7b6939c427ef5773d10d.

Released requisition v7.1.0-RC1

OLMIS-5467: Downgrade dev version to 4.1 and upgrade service-base version to 2

OLMIS-5467: Updated dev version

OLMIS-4574: Added submitted requisition (Lilongwe Health Center) for functional test

Revert "OLMIS-4574: Added submitted requisition to the demo data"

This reverts commit 6c43e0c61d4c8164f2be2cca20843a49b548fbe2.

OLMIS-4574: Added submitted requisition to the demo data

OLMIS-4943: Added check if field is null before formatting the value in repquisition report

Also removed some unnecessary imports

OLMIS-4943: Updated date and due days format in reportingRate.jrxml

OLMIS-5387: Testing notification for dev branch

OLMIS-4943: Updated some fields in requisitionLines.jrxml to use locale settings

OLMIS-4943: Fixed reportingRate report to use locale settings

OLMIS-5366: Updated javadoc for calculating average consumption

OLMIS-5366: Removed test for constructor, made some fields final and fixed incorrect javadoc

OLMIS-5366: Added missed test and changed protected fields to private in BasicProcessingPeriodDto

OLMIS-4942: Fixed changelog

OLMIS-4942: Replaced using System.getenv with CurrencyConfig.currencyCode

OLMIS-4942: Fixed typo

OLMIS-4942: Added loading currency, number and date settings from properties on startup

OLMIS-4938: Added changelog

OLMIS-4938: Added definition for skipped column